RightHub is a better way to protect innovation and ideas for you and your clients

RightHub is built by people passionate about perfecting the art of managing and protecting innovation and ideas. We have applied the intelligent use of data and automations to allow IP professionals, foreign counsel and clients to collaborate in a smart, simple, profitable way, in one place. RightHub offers Law Firms an essential, profitable and scalable platform to teams of 2 to 2,000 people.

Brand protection

Our online brand protection products allow you to protect both your client's IP rights and their business proactively, providing full transparency on the challenges your clients might need to overcome.

Creating profit in routine IP work

Next Generation Renewal Automations

Next Generation Renewal Automations

Smart automations guide every step of the renewal process, giving you peace of mind that nothing gets missed. Notifying your client, handling the renewal, collaboratively updating IP Records, sending renewal reports to clients all in less than 5 minutes, securing profitable margins for routine renewal work.

Based on a database of more than 500 IP lawyers globally, we provide an automated solution for notifying you about upcoming renewals.

All data regarding renewals is always available in real-time including official fees and local fees from agents worldwide, allowing you to have control of your renewal budget.

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Increase clients understanding of their IP

Client access has never been easier

RightHub is collaborative, delightfully lean, and profoundly efficient - It's potentially the only tool you'll ever need. Spend less time and cost on non-value adding tasks. Use the time gained to bring higher value work to you and your clients.

User access management
Manage user access for your colleagues, clients, and agents
Custom views and filters
Customise the system based on your persona and user needs
Reports & Dashboard
Create, save & export reports whilst utilising super clean and concise dashboards to increase productivity
Renewals workflow
View and instruct upcoming renewals information inc. status, price and due date
Integrations and APIs
Integrations with your existing IPMS and PTO's from all over the globe
Document management
Store, view and share documents securely against your case records

RightHub equips Law Firms with the tools, features and help they need to eliminate the copy and paste of data. Law Firms, their clients and foreign agents can work closer together and gain access to new opportunities. High performance for us means more work accomplished in shorter time with less effort and stress.

Direct Docketing

Quickly apply changes to cases alongside smart suggestions.

Built for you

Easily refine your lists and create custom views.

Portfolio is built for you to manage and enforce innovation and ideas. A marketplace built for you to receive work and engage with new and existing customers - A community built for you to find new opportunities and connect with likeminded individuals.

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Let's build the new industry standard together - RightHub is designed to enable Law Firms to better manage and enforce IP. At the same time, RightHub can assist generate more revenue and higher profits on simple administrative work. We are curious, forthright and passionate. We seek continual improvement in what we do by listening to our clients.