Rouse Testimonial

Rouse Sweden is a company dedicated to providing IP services to Swedish businesses, with a focus on using innovation law to drive growth.
With a comprehensive approach, Rouse Sweden helps clients identify opportunities for innovation, streamline processes and organisational structures, and defend and safeguard their innovations. As a member of the Rouse group, Rouse Sweden leverages its expertise in emerging markets to provide clients with full-spectrum IP services, including patent and trademark protection, commercialisation, and enforcement against infringement and piracy on a global scale. These services are delivered through a seamless network of professionals to ensure clients receive the highest level of support.

Our role

We have been assisting patent, design, and docketing matters as an integral component of Rouse's operations over the years. We serve as a resource throughout the patent process, with complete responsibility for specific areas and supplementary support in others.

Michael Kitzler, Principal of Rouse Sweden says:

“One of the most important strategic decisions for our company has been entrusting IP Station with our administration. Over the years of working with IP Station we have received constant confirmation that we are becoming more effective in our core-business through outsourcing our IP-administration.”
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