This Week In Review: Week 8

Piracy Epidemic: 18% Increase in Stolen Content Worldwide in 2022

Originally posted by Variety
A new report by the Variety Intelligence Platform has found that global content piracy increased by 18% in 2022, with the entertainment industry being hit particularly hard. The report also states that the pandemic has made it easier for pirates to distribute stolen content online, and that many consumers are turning to piracy due to rising subscription costs. Asia and Latin America saw the largest increases in piracy, while the US and Europe also saw significant rises. The report suggests that the industry needs to find new ways to combat piracy, such as offering more affordable subscription options, improving content protection, and collaborating with governments to crack down on pirate sites.
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Metaverse Patent Wars

Originally posted by IAM
IAM published an article that discusses the patent landscape in the emerging field of the metaverse, which refers to a virtual world that people can enter and interact with using digital technology. The report analyzes the patent portfolios of various companies, including tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, as well as smaller startups. According to the report, Facebook currently has the most metaverse-related patents, followed by Microsoft and Tencent. The article notes that the metaverse is still in its early stages, and the companies that are able to establish a dominant presence in the market could potentially reap significant rewards.
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Ukraine's Future Looks Bright According to New Report on Foreign Companies' IP Registrations

Originally posted by IPWatchdog
A new report suggests that the number of intellectual property (IP) registrations by foreign companies in Ukraine may be an indicator of confidence in the country's future. The report found that the number of IP registrations in Ukraine by foreign companies increased by 15% between 2018 and 2021, which is seen as a promising sign for the country's economy and development.
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China's IP Protection May Be Better Than People Think

Originally posted by CHEManager
An article published by CHEManager discusses China's efforts to improve its intellectual property (IP) protection system, which has long been a concern for foreign companies doing business in the country. According to the article, China has taken a number of steps in recent years to strengthen its IP laws and enforcement mechanisms, including the creation of specialised IP courts. Several statistics suggest that IP protection in China has improved, but some challenges still remain, particularly in terms of enforcing IP rights at the local level. Despite this, the situation for IP protection in China may be better than many people think.
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Eminem files trademark suit against “Real Housewives” stars over 'Reasonably Shady' podcast name

Originally posted by Billboard
In a move that has caught many by surprise, Eminem's legal team has taken action to block Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, stars of The Real Housewives of Potomac, from securing a federal trademark registration on their hit podcast, "Reasonably Shady". The rapper's lawyers have argued that the name is too similar to Eminem's longstanding nickname "Slim Shady", which has been associated with his dark, violent alter ego for decades. They claim that the overlap between the names could cause consumer confusion and imply that Eminem was somehow involved with the podcast, which could harm his brand and reputation.
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