This Week In Review: Week 7

MarqVision Survey about counterfeiting says that almost 70% of DTC brands have issues

Originally published by IPWatchdog
MarqVision surveyed 295 brands, and found out that around 68% of direct-to-customer brands have had their products stolen. Apparently, almost 30% of the brands surveyed do not have a documented strategy against counterfeiting. The biggest loss is said to be the loss of brand reputation.
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Audiobook narrators are concerned about the possibility that Apple has used their voices to train artificial intelligence for Audiobooks

Originally published by Wired
Apple has substituted human narrators with AI voices for some audiobooks on its platform, which resulted in frustration among narrators who were not notified about the change and fear for their jobs. Additionally, Spotify has recently updated its terms of service to permit the usage of AI to reproduce users' voices for some features, sparking concern about potential privacy violations.
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Meta Platforms Sued Yet Again

Originally published by Entrepreneur
Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram is being sued by MetaX LLC, a virtual reality business. One trademark attorney commented no the story, stating that MetaX might have a chance of winning. Founder of MetaX Justin 'JB' Bolognino is said to not want to settle.
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Getty Images has sued an AI art generator

Originally published by The Verge.
Getty images has filed a lawsuit against Stability AI, the creators of Stable Diffusion AI image-generation system. Getty Images claims that around 12 million of their images were unlawfully used to train the artificial intelligence model. It is strongly suggested by evidence that Stability AI utilised Getty Images material without permission or compensation.
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Sanofi and Regeneron's gains support from several pharmaceutical companies

Originally published by Fierce Pharma
Several large pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Eli Lilly have shown support towardsSanofi and Regeneron's cholesterol drug, Praluent. The drug had been having difficulties gaining widespread use due to its high costs and regulatory barriers.
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