This Week In Review: Week 30

AI Chatbot Copyright Controversy: Daily Mail Sues Google Over Bard's Training Data

Originally posted by Digitalinformationworld (DIW)
Google is facing legal action from the owner of the Daily Mail for alleged copyright concerns regarding its AI chatbot, Bard. The media outlet claims that Google used its articles without permission to train Bard, ChatGPT's rival, leading to a lawsuit with estimates of hundreds of thousands of affected articles.
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Instagram Cleared of Copyright Claims on Embedded Photos by Appeals Court

Originally posted by Gizmodo
Instagram has been cleared of copyright infringement claims on embedded photos by an appeals court, stating that the embedded images are merely HTML links to the original content. However, conflicting rulings in similar cases raise the possibility of a future court battle.
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Proposed Patent Eligibility Restoration Act Aims to Reform U.S. Patent System

Originally posted by JD Supra
Two proposed bipartisan bills, the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2023 and the Promoting and Respecting Economically Vital American Innovation Leadership (PREVAIL) Act, aim to impact the patent litigation landscape and improve the U.S. intellectual property system. The Patent Eligibility Restoration Act seeks to overhaul patent eligibility by eliminating judicial exceptions and providing statutory exceptions, potentially leading to more predictable outcomes in patent eligibility disputes.
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Google Faces $338.7 Million Penalty in Chromecast Patent Infringement Case

Originally posted by Apple Insider
Google has been found guilty of infringing on streaming video patents in its Chromecast devices and is ordered to pay $338.7 million in compensation to Touchstream Technologies, the aggrieved software developer. Google plans to appeal the verdict, claiming it developed the technology independently.
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Louis Vuitton Sued Over Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Song in Ad Campaign

Originally posted by The Fashion Law
Fashion brand Louis Vuitton faces a new lawsuit for allegedly using a copyrighted song, "Por Alguien Como Tu," without authorization in a 2021 advertising campaign, leading to claims of copyright infringement and demands for monetary damages and injunctive relief from music publisher Discomoda U.S.A. Corp. and other co-authors of the song.
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