This Week In Review: Week 23

UPC: A Catalyst for Enhanced Patent Protection and Innovation in Europe"

Originally posted by Juve Patent
Industry experts express their anticipation and optimism regarding the Unified Patent Court (UPC). They believe that the UPC's implementation will lead to increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced patent protection, ultimately benefiting businesses and encouraging innovation in Europe.
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GQ Italia Ordered to Pay Fine and Licensing Fee in 'David' Magazine Cover Lawsuit

Originally posted by Hyperallergic
Italy's Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism has won a lawsuit against Edizioni Condé Nast, the publisher of GQ Italia, for using an image of Michelangelo's "David" on their magazine cover without permission. The court ruled in favor of the ministry, stating that the magazine had debased and humiliated the artwork, and as a result, Edizioni Condé Nast is required to pay a licensing fee of €20,000 and a fine of €30,000.
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Patagonia and Gap Reach Settlement in Fleece Jacket Lawsuit

Originally posted by Reuters
Outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia has settled its lawsuit against Gap, alleging that Gap had illegally copied Patagonia's "iconic" snapped flap pocket and rectangular logo on fleece jackets. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, and both companies dropped their claims as a result.
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Japan Takes Stance: AI Model Training Does Not Violate Copyright

Originally posted by Decrypt
Japan has declared that using datasets to train AI models does not infringe copyright, allowing model trainers to use publicly available data without licensing or permission. This decision has sparked a debate within the art community about whether AI-generated art violates copyright, with some arguing it imitates and infringes upon original works, while others assert that AI art is unique and draws inspiration from publicly available information.
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The Battle Against Copycat Cookbooks

Originally posted by Plagiarism Today
Cookbook author Joanne Lee Molinaro faces a case of imitation as a book with a confusingly similar title and design emerges, raising concerns about AI-generated "mockbuster" books and the need for trademark protection in the face of escalating abuses in the publishing industry.
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