This Week In Review: Week 16

Nokia secures court victory over Vivo for 4G tech patent infringement

Originally posted by JUVE Patent
Nokia has won a court case in Germany against Vivo over patent infringement. The court ruled that Vivo violated three of Nokia's standard essential patents in relation to its 4G technology. Although the Finnish company was granted an injunction, it has not said whether it will enforce it against Vivo.
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Copyright and Right of Publicity Concerns in Generative AI Applications

Originally posted by JD Supra
Generative AI (GAI) has raised copyright and legal issues such as whether GAI models training constitutes infringement, who is liable for output infringement, and whether the output is copyrightable. A class action lawsuit has been filed against NeoCortext, Inc. for violating the California Right of Publicity statute, which prohibits the use of any person's name, voice, photograph, or likeness for advertising or selling without their prior consent. Responsible companies are taking proactive steps to minimize the likelihood of violating the right of publicity.
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Google Receives Mixed Ruling in Patent Lawsuit Brought by Sonos Inc

Originally posted by Reuters
Google has failed to invalidate all patents before a trial in a lawsuit brought by Sonos over wireless audio technology, but a San Francisco federal judge has narrowed Sonos' claims. The case, part of a contentious intellectual property dispute between the two companies over their smart speakers, is set for trial on 8 May. Sonos accuses Google of infringing four patents related to multi-room wireless speaker technology, while Google has sued Sonos for patent infringement.
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Increasing Trust in China's Legal System: Foreign Entities Choose China to Resolve IP Disputes

Originally posted by China Daily
Overseas litigants are increasingly choosing to resolve international intellectual property disputes in China, according to a report by the Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People's Court. The rise in cases indicates growing confidence in the legal protection of IP rights in China and the country's market, and that China has become one of the preferred venues for international IP litigation.
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UKIPO adapts trademark practices to keep up with digitalisation of marketplace and developing technologies

Originally posted by Osborne Clarke
UKIPO released guidance on trademark classification for NFTs and virtual goods due to a rise in related applications. NFTs cannot be used as a standalone classification term, and virtual goods and services must be clearly defined. NFTs can be used to authenticate physical and virtual assets, and metaverse services have slightly different requirements for acceptance.
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