New Employees: February 2023

We are excited to introduce the latest additions to the Righthub team.
At RightHub we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for intellectual property. Here you can read about our newest employees who have joined our team, each with their own unique set of skills and experiences.

Nina Forsvall

Nina is our new Chief Finance and People Officer.
Nina has a strong background in Finance and HR, having obtained a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics. She started her career at Awapatent AB, where she held the roles of Finance Manager and HR Manager, then joined Ipendo AB as CFO, leading the Finance, HR. She has also served as CFO for Donya Labs AB, and later at Polygiene AB.
“Over the years, I have enjoyed being involved in entrepreneur-driven growth companies, seeing people´s commitment and effort along with their joy behind their and the companies´ success.”

Fahimeh Rastgar

Fahimeh is an IP Paralegal, dealing with various aspects of trademark such as registration, renewal and patent recordals.
She has a Bachelor's degree in Law and two Master's degrees in Intellectual Property Law, and also a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and intellectual property. She is particularly interested in the potential uses of blockchain technology in the field.
In her free time, Fahimeh enjoys traveling and playing games, with Fall Guys being her current favourite.
“I have been working in the field of IP for four years and have gained valuable experience over the years. As a new member of this company, I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated team.”

Carl Boberg

Carl is our new Infrastructure Engineer, and his main tasks will be regarding the cloud infrastructure and assisting the development teams with infrastructure related questions.
He has vast experience in IT, having worked more than 20 years as a System and Network Technician and later as a Sales Ops technician.
“I have always had an interest in computers and I'm a big fan of Linux.
The world of IP is new to me but I'm very excited to learn about it from all the IP talent in RightHub.”

Mattias Brodin

Mattias is one of the recent IP Assistant additions to RightHub, having previously worked in healthcare.
As an IP Assistant, Mattias is primarily responsible for docketing and renewals, and is quickly learning about the field. Outside of work, Mattias enjoys traveling, baking, and playing board games.
“So far it’s a very exciting field to learn about and feels like there is always something new to learn. Even though im new to the field the team has made me feel extremely welcome and have been great at showing me the ins and outs.”

Nicolaj Meidger Larsen

Nicolaj is the newest addition to our Brand Protection team, as an analyst specializing in protecting the brand and goodwill of our clients, by removing brand impersonators, fake webshops, counterfeit products and similar IP-infringement.
He is passionate about intellectual property and recently completed his Master's degree in law, with a thesis focused on IP and its influence on video games and e-sports. In his free time, Nicolaj plays point guard for the Aarhus University basketball team and enjoys watching the NBA.
"So far everyone on the team has welcomed me with open arms, and I have absolutely loved my start here."