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Groth & Co provides business-driven advice on intellectual property. We have experts in the areas of patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyright, litigation and process, name creation, and more. Groth & Co is Scandinavia’s oldest Intellectual Property Bureau, founded in 1869.

Our Role

We provide many different services for Groth & Co. In some areas we have taken full responsibility over a department, whereas some other services are provided based on the present need of our client. We for example handle all of Groth’s EP Validations in Sweden, where RightHub has taken full responsibility for everything from receiving and docketing new orders, to sending the final filing report and invoice.
“Outsourcing parts of our IP Administration makes us more flexible and less vulnerable to peaks in the workflow, as well as changes to our staff. This way our clients receive unwavering support from experienced paralegals, and at the same time it makes us more cost-efficient and increases our profitability. We have been working with RightHub since 2016 and are very happy with their expertise within IP-administration”
Mats Lundberg, Managing Director / Groth & Co
If you want to book a meeting with any of our experts to talk about our services, you can do so here.

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