Community Spotlight: Paul Reboh

For today’s Community Spotlight feature we go to Strasbourg to meet with Paul Reboh, the founder of, a trailblazing company leveraging the power of blockchain technology to provide robust solutions for securing IP assets and innovation processes.
Companies can establish an immutable digital trail of records with, offering indisputable proof of ownership, existence, and integrity for their inventions, designs, and proofs of use.

RH – What does Bernstein do Paul?
PR- We help people secure and then leverage their IP by providing certification of their digital assets on the blockchain.
RH – Whoa – could you break this down so I can get my head around it?
PR – Sure. We provide proof that IP owners knew about, and owned an IP asset, or group of IP assets at a particular time. If you think about the old (analogue) way of proving copyright ownership, the owner could post themselves a copy of the work, preferably by registered post. Once the envelope arrived, and providing the date stamp was clear and the envelope unopened, this would be usually enough proof of ownership at the date on the stamp. Our method, is almost instantaneous, can handle many different types of assets – for example it would be tough for the post to handle a complex 3-D model, or the many 1000’s of lines of code of a complex piece of software, and can handle groups of assets such as (insert best example here).
RH – Very cool – what other advantages does your solution provide?
PR – It’s scalable, cost effective, can handle multiple files, provides version control so can work on a project, rather than individual piece of IP basis and is most importantly, completely secure. We offer what we call, ‘zero-knowledge architecture’ which means our clients’ IP assets are encrypted directly in the browser on the client side before going to our digital vault storage. No-one, not even us can view the assets. This is the really clever and detailed stuff, but we have wrapped it up in a UI that hides the complexity and makes it really easy for the end user!
RH- sounds great, anything else you want to tell us?
PR – in addition to direct clients, we offer a white label version for law firms, which we see as a huge advantage for the firms looking to offer a secure digital vault and time-stamping for their clients’ assets. Upcoming releases will also feature decentralised storage – great for example for facilitating the defensive publishing of inventions. Also look later this year for something really cool in the NFT minting space – in effect and NFT launchpad where the entire history of the NFT token is linked to the entire history of the project. For those who know NFT’s, and the issues around them, this is a gamechanger.

In the intricate landscape of intellectual property (IP) protection, Bernstein emerges as a gamechanger. By adopting Bernstein's advanced blockchain solutions, companies gain the tools they need to confidently navigate this complex terrain.
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