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Can your IP Management system help you attract and retain clients?

We sat down with Florian Traub of award-winning law firm Pinsent Masons to discuss the role of IP management systems in attracting and retaining clients for law firms.
In this case study you can read about the role of technology in the legal sector and how it can enhance the work of professionals and transform the experience of clients.
Florian also talks about the different approaches to client access in traditional IP management systems, including the limitations of basic client access and the benefits of more intuitive and modern client platforms, such as RightHub, and the benefits of IP management systems in preventing unnecessary expenditure and duplicate registrations in multi-country, multi-entity portfolios.
If you are interested in the importance of different aspects of IP management systems in attracting and retaining clients, including ease of use, intuitive features, and the ability to provide insights and data-driven strategies, you can read the case study by filling out the form below:
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